Download the required files from the MakeMKV for Linux forum. There should be two archives called makemkv-bin-xxx.tar.gz and makemkv-oss-xxx.tar.gz (where xxx is the version number).

Install libqt4-dev into the development container.

In the development container, run the following commands to create the MakeMKV PET packages:

tar xzf makemkv-oss-xxx.tar.gz
cd makemkv-oss-xxx
new2dir make install
cd ..
tar xzf makemkv-bin-xxx.tar.gz
cd makemkv-bin-xxx
new2dir make install

You should now have two packages ( and which can be used to install makemkv. Note that you will also need to install libqt4.

Makemkv requires the sg kernel module, which is not loaded by default. To make sure the module is always loaded create /etc/init.d/load-sg-module:

# Load the sg module required by makemkv
# 20191113: ncollins
# ---------------------------------------
case "$1" in
    echo "running /etc/init.d/load_sg_module start"
    modprobe sg 2> /dev/null