Modesty Blaise

Graphic Novels

Title Year Purchased?
Bad Suki 2005 Yes
Children of Lucifer 2017 Yes
Cry Wolf 2006 Yes
Death in Slow Motion 2010 Yes
Death Trap 2007 Yes
Green Cobra 2008 Yes
Lady in the Dark 2012 Yes
Live Bait 2012 Yes
Million Dollar Game 2011 Yes
Mister Sun 2004 No
Ripper Jax 2016 Yes
Sweet Caroline 2010 Yes
The Black Pearl 2004 Yes
The Double Agent 2011 No
The Gabriel Set-Up 2004 No
The Gallows Bird 2006 Yes
The Girl in the Iron Mask 2013 Yes
The Green-Eyed Monster 2005 Yes
The Grim Joker 2014 Yes
The Hell Makers 2005 Yes
The Inca Trail 2007 Yes
The Killing Distance 2015 Yes
The Killing Game 2017 Yes
The Lady Killers 2009 Yes
The Murder Frame 2016 Yes
The Puppet Master 2006 Yes
The Scarlet Maiden 2009 Yes
The Young Mistress 2014 Yes
Top Traitor 2004 Yes
Yellowstone Booty 2008 Yes